Real Estate Law

Banner & Bower attorneys provide advice regarding the acquisition of real estate, the selling of real estate, appraisals, refinancing, property taxes, HOAs, leasing, joint ventures, insurance, foreclosure, boundary disputes, and mortgages. Attorneys work with clients to prioritize goals and create a thorough real estate plan that includes amendment suggestions for potential contingencies. Banner & Bower attorneys are experts in real estate law and will ensure the goals of each client are achieved.

Real Estate Contracts

Banner & Bower attorneys will help clients navigate the process of investigating and selecting a real estate contract for purchasing (including appraisals, choosing homeowner’s insurance, and settlement costs) in the event of a real estate acquisition. If the client is selling real estate, the attorneys will prepare or review the contract to ensure legal validity and protection for the client.


Purchasing real estate is a complicated business. Attorneys will represent clients interested in real estate acquisition by going over the contract, mortgage, real estate taxes, homeowner’s insurance, HOAs if applicable, and appraisals. With their expertise and attention to detail, Banner & Bower attorneys will lessen the potential stress to the client by ensuring the smoothest possible acquisition.


If a client is selling real estate, the attorneys will assist the client in contract negotiation. Banner & Bower attorneys have expertise in guiding clients through the sale of various types of real estate, including hotels, commercial property, manufactured housing communities, retail properties, and industrial real estate.


Attorneys will assist lenders and borrowers of real estate loans as they navigate loan sales, originations, and purchases. Banner & Bower attorneys can help with permanent financing and loans spanning a variety of formations, including loans for construction, as well as shared appreciation loans.

Joint Ventures

In the event a client is interested in a joint real estate venture, the attorneys will structure partnership agreements and work with the interested parties to negotiate terms. The attorneys will also consider shareholder agreements and offer advice regarding the potential tax implications of such a transaction.