Estate Planning, Probate, and Elder Law

Banner & Bower attorneys have extensive experience and expertise in estate planning and probate. We work closely with clients to identify goals, develop a plan for contingencies, and create a comprehensive estate plan to assure that financial and personal goals are achieved. Estate planning usually involves careful review of the client’s current estate and property, analysis of anticipated future growth of the estate, family relationships and needs, and desired timing and method of transferring property.

Estate Planning

We assist clients in the preparation of self-proving Last Will and Testaments, revocable living trusts as an alternate to probate and to provide lifetime management of property, durable powers of attorney for business and healthcare, advance directives (living wills) regarding life support decisions, family-limited partnerships to pass a family-owned business to the next generation, irrevocable life insurance trusts, special needs trusts for the disabled, Medicaid/nursing home planning, charitable trusts of every kind and spendthrift trusts to protect assets from creditors.

Trust Administration and Amendment

We are experienced in trust administration matters. These matters can include questions related to interpretation of trust instruments, the securing of court approval of an amendment of a trust, and disputes over the terms of a trust or its administration by a trustee.


We assist and represent clients in guardianship and conservatorship matters to obtain court authority and oversight for the management of finances, to provide appropriate care for an incapacitated person, or make arrangements for continuing the future care of a minor child or disabled adult.

Probate and Administration of Estates

We regularly provide Colorado probate law advice and probate court representation. The word “probate” historically means “to prove.” We assist clients in the transfer of assets at death through self-proving wills and trusts.