About the Firm

Banner & Bower is a client-focused law firm with a diversified business, estate planning, probate, and elder law, and real estate practice. The firm has served a broad range of client interests for over 85 years. We are focused on providing practical efficient legal services and are committed to building from our experiences in order to best serve our clients and communities.

At Banner & Bower, we understand how economic forces, personal experiences, and other matters affect decision-making because our lawyers have navigated the complex business and regulatory environment. Outstanding client service is the cornerstone of our practice that has withstood the test of time. We are proud of the recognition we receive from our clients for our commitment to service, and we value their satisfaction as the best measure of our success. We recognize our clients are our business, and consider it an honor each time we are hired by a new client or are retained on a recurring basis by a current client.

The firm has a long history of social responsibility and supporting the communities in which our clients live and work. We believe it is our obligation to embrace our community and promote its well-being through community service, charitable giving, environmental stewardship, and promoting diversity. We act on this belief collectively and individually, and have made a positive difference, including acting as volunteers in the community and as members and advisors on nonprofit boards.

Donald J. Banner, Esq.


Joseph D. Bower, Esq.


Lisha R. Coultrip, Esq.